Reading This Site

The engineering content of this site is aimed primarily at technical specialists in the enterprise and information, business people who need the help of a technical specialist and people who are learning about the specialism.

The “A Field in Bolehill” is written for general readers interested in what I am doing with my field, initially describing the Bolehill Very Small Forest.

The random fiction content is various fictions (the facts have been made up), which it amuses me to write.

On the Engineering Content

The site is will be compiled over a number of years, and will contain material of varying levels of difficulty and maturity. The content maturity level is shown by an icon, with the difficulty by the icon’s background colour.

Content maturity is an indication of the risk of change – a measure of the probability of change times the seriousness of the change. This site uses the following risk calculation:

Probability numbers:

  1. Low probability (say less than 5%)

  2. Low to medium (5% to 50%)

  3. Medium to high (50% to 90%)

  4. High (more than 90%)

Effect numbers:

  1. Trivial – e.g. spelling or punctuation corrections

  2. Minor – e.g. errors in citations or individual facts

  3. Major – e.g. changes to the set of concepts covered

  4. Rewrite – If this happens, forget the previous version

Risk Levels come from multiplying the probability and the effect numbers together:

GreenFinal 1-2: The page is mature, unlikely to change significantly

GreenDraft 3-6: The page is in draft form, and a good indicator of the final content

greenSketch 7-11: The page is a sketch and quite likely to change

GreenEnvelope12-16: Back of the envelope and almost certain to change.

As a matrix this looks like:


Difficulty is shown by Banana Coding:

GreenFinal Green Banana – for the novice or non-specialist

YellowFinal Yellow Banana – for the people with a reasonable level of expertise

RipeFinal Ripe Banana – for the deep specialist

© Sean Barker 2015